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Daisy Hill Garden

Turning dirt into dinner for over a decade!



   One February in the last half of the 1900’s a group of young women, close as sisters, gathered together to find a spot for  a special garden to raise their most precious produce.  They were looking for fertile soils, abundant nutrients and warm sunshine for their precious seedlings.  The perfect spot was found high upon the northeast corner of Mount Oread overlooking the beautiful Kaw River Valley far below.  The garden started out small, however, over time it grew bigger and bigger along with the seedlings.  Well trained gardeners were brought in to tend the seedlings and  provide for all their needs.  Soon, it became well known throughout the region that the produce from the farm was the highest quality of any farm around.  Joan, the farm’s master gardener, was very proud of her gardeners and seedlings.  There was produce of every size, shape and color. It was all treated to the best love and care the gardeners could provide. 

   Twenty five years later the garden was beginning to strain the little farm’s ability to provide enough produce for the demand of the town.  By now, a new head gardener named Patricia, had joined the farm.  She started out as an assistant gardener and worked her way up to be the farms master gardener.  Pat knew there wasn’t enough land in the farms original location to grow as big as they needed. The town and the gardeners needed a new location to move the farm too.  Far to the west they found the perfect location.  It was here at the base of Daisy Hill that they found a beautiful plot of flat land with a huge cottonwood tree, plenty of sunshine, and room to grow and expand.  The gardeners all worked very hard and just in time for the turn of the century they created a magnificent new farm worthy of the precious seedlings that would be transplanted from the old farm. 

   Over the years, the farm has grown and expanded several times and the surrounding land has changed. The cottonwood tree and prairie that greeted Pat and her gardeners had to be removed to expand the farm. Over time many new neighbors have come to join us in our little valley.  Hundreds of gardeners have come to the farm to learn the best practices on how to cultivate the best produce around.  Produce from the farm has been shipped all over the world and seeds from those original plants continue to enrich the world today.  What is before you is the product of the hard work of those gardeners over the years and what will continue for years to come.  Welcome to Hilltop’s Daisy Hill Garden.



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